About Composition

Manufacturing Fine Furnishings for the world's most exceptional hotels and resorts since 2006.

We understand your exacting need for high-quality, exquisitely-styled furnishings. That's why we manufacture all of our own case goods, upholstered pieces, and metal furniture for both interior and exterior applications. Whether in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ontario, California or at one of our many outstanding partner resources around the globe, Composition is ready to realize each designer's unique vision -from bold new concepts, to fresh ways of presenting classic looks.

From Drawing to Completion

Manufacturing Headquarters, Ontario, CA

Innovative Service

Composition has earned a reputation for the highest level of service in the industry. Our dedicated team has unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of fine furnishings. We are committed to maintaining a flawless internal process that ensures every project is delivered on time, on budget and meets your precise specifications. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and we communicate with you weekly, so you have the utmost confidence that milestones are being met. When speed is of the essence, our team of problem-solving specialists can easily accommodate short lead times.

Resourceful Solutions

Composition works hand-in-hand with some of the most talented craftsmen, artisans, mills, shops, factories and vendors around the globe to provide furnishings to the world's leading hotels, resorts, night clubs, restaurants and country clubs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of what our clients require and hold our partners to the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness. Our mission is to provide superior products that are a perfect fit for the composition of your beautiful installation.


Jeff Luchonok


Jeff Luchonok has been on the forefront of establishing the best levels of service for each and every brand he has represented for the past 15 years. It all begins with a solid team of employees that are committed to maintaining flawless internal systems leading to customer service excellence. It continues with ongoing pro-active communication and the establishment of critical dates at the onset of every project that the Team (vendor, purchaser, designer) manages. Jeff understands that the brands he represents must be the leaders in pro-actively obtaining all required approvals and materials in accordance with the critical dates. He knows clients turn to vendors that provide confidence that when an order is placed it is in "good hands" and they will not have to watch over it with scrutiny.

Christian Lloyd


Christian Lloyd has spent the last twenty years as one of the hospitality industry's leading Manufacturing Sales Representatives for many of the industry's top brands. Christian's passion lies in providing solutions for his CUSTOMERS! He thrives on seeing his product as part of the composition of a beautiful installation. Years of hands-on experience in providing hospitality furnishings to many of the world's finest hotels, resorts, night clubs, restaurants, and country clubs has lead Christian to vet craftsman, artisans, factories, mills, shops, and vendors around the globe. NOT being tied to the means of production (limited by factory ownership) means Composition has enjoyed the flexibility to partner with the "Best in breed" most appropriate manufacturers for a particular job, and to not suffer when inevitable changes occur in market conditions, economies, and organizations. Discovery of who is the best is the result of years of "due diligence" that can only be obtained by living and breathing the projects. With this kind of entrepreneurial vested interest, it has been imperative to Christian to ensure the success of his projects. Manufacturing partners must share our ideals of integrity and trustworthiness.

What Our Clients are Saying


At McCartan we are very detailed and a lot of our design is anything but straightforward. Jeff and his team with their bottomless well of integrity and passion for their craft have made multiple collections of different types of Hotel furnishings to a quality and performance level that I can only describe as truly outstanding in their industry. We have been so spoiled by their 'can do' attitude that they will always be our first choice.
PS....not exaggerating !! Anyone can check out Hotel Nia in Silicon Valley, it speaks for itself!

SOPHIA NGUYEN / Noble House Hotels

Composition has done a great job on several of Noble House properties from public space furniture to guest room furniture, indoors and outdoors. There were some very demanding projects that required complicated design pieces with short lead times. Composition delivered high quality products at the fraction of the cost of similar vendors.

MEGAN THOMPSON / NeueHouse Procurement Coordinator

Working with Composition has been such a pleasure. The professionalism and quality of service produced by the whole team is outstanding. Among many other items, Composition has been able to manufacture numerous amounts of custom seating goods, as well as re-upholster vintage items for our NeueHouse Hollywood Project. The team has a vast amount of knowledge, experience and resources to accommodate to all kinds of FF&E related requests. Composition has been a huge asset to making our design concepts a reality and will continue to contribute to our future expansions of our NeueHouse brand.

ALIYA KHAN / NeueHouse Director of Studio Operations

Top quality design can only be accomplished with top quality execution. The final product created for NeueHouse Hollywood achieved the exact look and feel we hoped would define our complex space. So it is with tremendous gratitude that we thank Jeff and his team for their work, delivered in record time, no less. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Composition in the future.

JENA SIMMS / Studio 4D

Composition has been such a great company to work with! Their custom capabilities are superb along with quick response time & outstanding customer service. We're very happy to have found them & add them to our list of preferred vendors. The quality of craftsmanship & attention to detail is exceptional. We look forward to working with them on many more projects!